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Whether you're new to the horse show life or a seasoned equestrian, you can count on OT 2 Ranch to provide you with a horse of quality. We breed our horses to be beautiful and impressive. You'll have a great time bonding with the animal and bringing them to shows and competitions.

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What makes a winning horse? Just ask us.

At OT 2 Ranch, we believe in treating each and every horse with skill and patience. We treat the horses we breed with compassion and affection, raising them right until they're ready to ride off into their next adventure. The horses at our ranch are happy and healthy. You can count on us for effective and ethical animal care.

At our horse breeding facility, we:

Breed healthy horses
Raise them to the age of colt
Train our colts for local competitions
Produce performance horses

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What makes OT 2 Ranch the right choice for you?

We've been in the horse and ranch industry for over 30 years. For three decades, we have worked tirelessly to breed healthy, performance-ready horses. Our locally owned company is committed to serving our community well. We're always happy to work with riders, ranchers and those in the show horse circuit.